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Business Litigation Florida

A Business Litigation Attorney In St. Petersburg With Experience You Can Trust 

Along with my personal injury practice, I also have represented many businesses in the realm of business litigation. Typically this is in breach of contract and collection matters. 

Personal or consumer debts are harder to collect because of the various protections afforded under the law to debtors. Be sure that you hire a business litigation attorney with the experience to navigate your case. Most cases settle, but I know how to go after assets even in this sometimes debtor friendly state. 

Assets I have seized for clients include:

Corporate stock

Liquor licenses

Motor vehicles

Bank accounts

Luxury items to be sold at auction

If you are looking for an experienced business litigation attorney in St. Petersburg, fill out the form below to set up your consultation.

There is a minimal $100.00 consultation fee. This covers review of the documents and craft a strategy for collection and a fee arrangement. 

My hourly rate is $250.00. If the debtor appears to be still in business and has assets, I can quote a flat fee through the initial pleading stage or lower my hourly and proceed on a part contingency fee arrangement. Clients are always responsible to pay the court costs up front.

I am thankful for Kerry’s bulldog attitude in getting me my $50,000 loan repaid from a fraudster who used every trick in the book to get my money and then hide his assets. It took a year or so of unraveling fraudulent liens and spurious defenses, but this honest and fair attorney finally had the Manatee Sheriff’s Office seize a luxury yacht and sell it to satisfy the judgment including every cent of interest, court costs, and attorney’s fees.  I thought that the attorney jokes I heard over the years must be partially true, but Kerry Brown is the real deal, no joking.

Gary Headrick, St. Marys, Georgia
Business Litigation

I first got to know Kerry Brown as the opposing attorney in a case. He so impressed me that I later hired him to represent my wife and me in a billing dispute with a doctor. Over the years I have referred many cases to him and we have also worked together on cases.

Kerry is well respected in the local legal community as a competent and ethical attorney. He has become a close friend and I highly recommend his legal services.

Tim Condon, Esquire, Tampa, Florida
Business Litigation
Business Litigation Florida